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Salinas River Stream Management Program

The proposed long-term program, the Salinas River Management Program, would address long-term activities for increased flood protection through system-wide approach to flood management. The initial planning process has started and workshops have been undertaken to solicit input on what this long-term program would include. It is assumed at this time that it would include vegetation management and sediment removal, similar to the short-term Stream Maintenance Program (SMP). However, to achieve a greater level of flood protection than possible under the short-term SMP, the long-term program would likely include other activities.

The proposed long-term program is in the early planning stages and will utilize the results of the proposed short-term project, the SMP, to look at the effects of stream maintenance and the opportunities for habitat enhancement. It is anticipated that the long-term Salinas River Management Program would have biological, visual, cultural and other impacts similar to the SMP but would also help to reduce the potential for adverse project-specific and cumulative impacts to agricultural and biological resources that would result from invasive species and flood effects in the project region.