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Flood Warning


 Flood warning gage

The mission of the Monterey County Water Resources Agency is to manage, protect, and enhance the quantity and quality of water and provide specified flood control services for present and future generations of Monterey County.  Through the Monterey County Water Resources Agency Act of 1990, the MCWRA is charged with limited flood control responsibilities within Monterey County.  In addition to the structural flood control provided by MCWRA owned dams, reservoirs, and pump stations, the MCWRA also provides flood warning services to Monterey County.  MCWRA staff monitors county wide hydrologic conditions during every significant storm event.  A real time flood warning system allows MCWRA staff to provide hydrologic data as well as expertise to emergency managers and local law enforcement any hour of the day or night as needed for the protection of life and property in Monterey County.